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Trauma bond expert breaking the stigma of abusive relationships.


Trauma bond expert breaking the stigma of abusive relationships.

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Meet Dr. Nae, a licensed psychotherapist and expert in trauma bonds and narcissistic abuse, who was formerly married to the Wolf of Wall Street, Jordan Belfort.

Her inspiring story begins with growing up on welfare in Brooklyn, becoming a model to support herself and her mother, then falling madly in love with a charming stockbroker. After eight tumultuous years, she sets out to heal the trauma of an abusive marriage, finds healthy love, survives two forms of cancer, and her story culminates in finding her calling as a therapist, earning a PhD at 39, and becoming a global source of wisdom and hope for women recovering from pathological partnerships.

Nadine Macaluso
Nadine Macaluso Trauma Bond Book

a guide to healing

None of us are born knowing how to navigate love, relationships, or let alone choose a healthy partner, and few of us have adequate resources to figure this out.

Dr. Nae’s e-book is a healing guide for anyone who has experienced the pain of traumatic love. It’s also a small glimpse into her highly anticipated print book, coming Fall 2023.

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@drnae has the ability to connect with women of all ages, educators, experts, thought leaders, and more.

She draws from her personal experience and clinical expertise to educate and inspire others. Dr. Nae is available for relevant media, print, and podcast features.

Nadine Macaluso in the news

a guide to healing

We all possess unresolved or unknown core wounds from childhood and often wonder why we end up on a path ridden with anxiety, depression, destruction, or heartbreak. Dr. Nae’s resources are based on more than a decade of working in private practice and they are completely free.