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domestic violence resources

what is domestic violence?

Domestic violence is also known as domestic abuse or intimate partner violence. It is a pattern of continuous abusive behavior toward another person in an effort to gain and maintain power and control.

The most definable aspect is that abusive behavior is a pattern. For instance, an individual who uses anger to intimidate their partner on a regular basis may be abusive, even if they always apologize afterward.

Domestic violence isn’t just physical abuse; it includes psychological, emotional, verbal, sexual, financial and spiritual abuse too.

Domestic Violence Resources

helplines for immediate support

"Live Violence Free"
Crisis Line


International Domestic
Violence Hotline


U.S. Domestic
Violence TextLine

Text “SMART” to 88788

911 Tip

In emergency situations where you cannot speak to the operator, dial 911 and place your phone in your pocket or nearby while you speak to your abuser in a way that communicates to the operator that you are in danger, "Please stop! I'm scared for my life, don't hurt me!" They will automatically dispatch someone to your location.


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