Cloth Masks Can Help Stop Spread of COVID-19

According to researchers, cloth masks may help prevent transmission of the Coronavirus by partially blocking droplets expelled by people when they speak, cough and sneeze.

While the weave of cloth masks may not be tight enough to block individual virus particles, there is ample evidence that the masks can prevent such droplets from getting into the air or onto surfaces.

There is also evidence, though not as strong, that cloth masks might protect wearers as well. When the cloth is in layers (the way our are), it can be remarkably effective in reducing environmental contamination to the wearer.

While evidence shows masks help, they are no substitute for social distancing and handwashing but should be used along with those measures.

Best Practices for Handling Masks

Make sure to wash your cloth masks after use and take care when removing them. If you think about the fact that you are using a mask to protect yourself from particles in the air, those particles are going to end up embedded in the outer surface.

When you take a mask off, you want to handle only the straps and fold the inside surfaces together. Place your mask in a paper or plastic bag until you wash it.