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The task of today’s heroine is to mine the silver and gold within herself.

March is Women's History Month, a time dedicated to honoring women's contributions and achievements throughout history.

Twelve years ago, when I wrote the thesis for my master’s degree the last line I wrote implied that my therapy room would perhaps, “become a cell of revolution,” a safe space where women could find their inner gold and experience personal growth and empowerment. I could have never predicted the truth of that statement or the depth of how it would manifest.

Since then, I have witnessed women face depression, overcome panic attacks and eating disorders and learn about themselves while:

going to school and working, having a baby, managing their home and children, finding a new career, struggling with their sexual orientation, breaking free from a cult, leaving a broken marriage, facing the pain of an estranged child, facing the pain of being an estranged child, taking care of their aging parents, grieving the loss of a spouse, being newly married and learning how to be a partner, taking on their corrupt work environment, dealing with aging in a society that over-values youth, changing careers in mid-life while facing their childhood trauma, holding their families together during a pandemic, homeschooling their children, divorcing abusive men, protecting their children and pushing their way through a broken family-court system, dealing with the pressures and darkness of social media, and choosing to have a baby on their own because they want a child to love.

Women are relentless. They do not give up.

Within a social context that provides women with too little, women do too much. They often aim to put the needs of others first in an effort to be “good women,” and in this process lose themselves by silencing their own needs. The silencing of women’s wants and needs leaves them feeling disempowered and devalued, which can lead to depression. I’m grateful for ALL that I have witnessed in my cell of revolution, yet this cycle of self-suppression must end.

The task of today’s heroine is to mine the silver and gold within herself. As she honors the unique jewels inside of her soul she heals herself and the culture.

A woman must develop a positive relationship with her authenticity and find her voice to heal her estrangement from herself.

Several years ago, I sat down for a conversation with my friend and colleague, Tristan Coopersmith. In this 13-minute video, we discuss the value of liberating the voice to create space for healing and authentic living.

How are you celebrating women this month?

March is Women’s History Month, a time dedicated to honoring women’s contributions and achievements throughout history. And Tuesday, March 8th is International Women’s Day.

I encourage you to spend some time this month reflecting on what it means to be a woman (if you identify as such), or how the women you know (or have known) have contributed to your life, perspectives, and beliefs. Who would you have become without them? Reach out to friends, family members or old mentors to express your gratitude. And if you are a woman, don’t forget to go within – love, nurture, and thank yourself profoundly for the strength it takes to show up every day.

Wishing you a month filled with celebration and reflection.



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