trauma bond recovery group

If you have endured or are healing from a trauma bond relationship, this community is for YOU!


After answering thousands of direct messages from women on social media, I realized a great need for a safe, accessible community for women to recover from the devastating effects of their trauma bond relationships.

Therefore, I created the first online private member-only trauma bond recovery group (TBRG). Suppose you have experienced emotional abuse, manipulation, betrayal, or coercive control. In that case, this online TBRG is a safe space to receive support, validation, and knowledge.

here's what you will have access to

A safe environment

The circle platform I am using is a safe, secure online space. Here, you can share your personal experience, get answers to pressing questions, and engage in discussions. Knowing no one outside the community can see your interactions. And, of course, everything is confidential.

Professional Guidance

I will be in the community daily, answering your comments and providing professional advice. Aside from myself, experienced moderators will also be involved in the daily discussions, offering their support and knowledge. Moderators will also ensure the community is safe and constructive

Peer Support and Empathy

How often have you thought, “No one gets it.”? That is because a trauma bond is a very misunderstood, isolating experience. Yet, in this TBRG, you will relate to women who get it. You will receive validation for your experiences and feelings so you don’t feel alone. You will learn how other women coped and escaped and how they are recovering. You are all a wealth of resources and information for each other. These gold nuggets of practical tips and information can help you manage your life more wisely and efficiently.

Education and Resources

You will have access 24 hours a day to the latest research articles and books. As well as assessments and meditations that are exclusive to this community. Knowledge leads to empowerment.

Ask Me Anything Live Events

I will host an “Ask Me Anything” live event once a week where you can ask me specific questions and concerns about your present issues, such as the safest way to leave a trauma bond, how to go no-contact, how to heal depression, how to date after a trauma bond, and so much more.

Closure and Moving Forward

The group emphasizes the importance of closure and recovery, not necessarily in the sense of reconciling with the abuser but in healing the emotional, physical, and mental scars caused by your trauma bond. This TBRG will be your one online space where you will receive a sense of belonging, validation, and guidance so you can become a SURTHRIVER after your trauma bond. I hope to see you there; you are worth it!

Whether you are in a trauma bond, want to leave, or have left one, you have found the right place to recover.